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The Institute of Music Initiatives (IMI) is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 2019 in order to develop the music industry within the Russian-speaking cultural space. IMI has suspended operations on November 1st, 2022.

Below lies the information about our activities.
Our initiatives
Key topics in local music business, music industry news and interviews with the main characters of Russian music.
Media about music industry. We write about local market organization, music promotion in Russia and abroad, legal, creative and technical aspects of music production.
‘The Circle of IMI’
Private Telegram-chat supporting musicians and industry figures.
Online services
Music business professionals’ catalog, digest of the industry events and vacancies and sources about music in Russian.
Music business professionals’ portfolios, including producers, music managers, designers, PR-experts, and lawyers.
Music industry jobs for beginners and professionals. Currently this section is not being updated.
Schedule of useful events in the music industry: master-classes, workshops, and international conferences. Currently this section is not being updated.
Music and music industry knowledge base: Telegram-channels, books, music documentaries and movies, podcasts, and YouTube-channels.
Open-source educational IMI projects, answering the most common questions and analyzing popular musical topics in detail.
‘Musician’s Steps’
Detailed guide to musician’s career, which helps map out a professional growth strategy and study useful information that can make professional path easier.
Easily understandable and helpful materials explaining how the current music industry works. Instructions on how to promote music, choose distributor or label, and engage users on social media.
‘Mental Health of Musicians’ Guide
This manual explains how to identify a mental disorder, and where you could get qualified help. We created this manual together with experienced psychotherapists who have previously worked with artists.
‘Music Promotion on VK’ Guide
This manual was created in collaboration with VK Music. It contains tips on maintaining a public page, using advertising services, and communicating with subscribers.
Educational videos for musicians and members of the music industry. Promoters, musicians, managers, therapists, lawyers, and producers share their experience and knowledge. You can watch all the videos on our website and YouTube-channel.
IMI’s educational projects, including lectures by the experts of the music industry for aspiring musicians.
‘New Music Industry’ Online Workshop
9 online classes including lectures, practicing, and homework. The main aim of the workshop is to outline the current changes in music business and opportunities for freshmen.
Books that were created by IMI and released in collaboration with the partners in terms of co-publishing.
‘How Music Works’ by David Byrne
The Russian edition of one of the most important books about the music industry, written by the ex-leader of Talking Heads. The book print-run is 4000 copies and it was published in partnership with ‘Alpina non-fiction’.
‘Don’t Be Shy’
A collaborative project by IMI and ‘Afisha’. An oral history of the post-Soviet pop music hits over the past 30 years. Performers, composers, songwriters, producers and music video directors talk about their creative process. The originator and the editor of this project is Alexander Gorbachev. You can download this book for free on our website.
Regional IMI projects, music conferences and meetings with music industry experts.
Music conferences, master-classes, music documentaries screening, and a showcase for independent local musicians of different Russian regions.

IMI.Scene in Samara
292 guests, 64 acts showcased, 5 groups selected by the experts to perform at the festivals.

IMI.Scene in Kazan
391 guests, 49 acts showcased, 3 groups selected by the experts to perform at the festivals.

IMI.Scene in Saratov
287 guests, 115 acts showcased, 3 groups selected by the experts to perform at the festivals.

IMI.Scene in Rostov-on-Don
580 guests, 121 acts showcased.
‘IMI.Conference 2021’
During ‘IMI Conference 2021’ musicians, promoters, label representatives and other experts in the music industry shared their experience and knowledge with the audience. We firmly believe that all genres whether it’s pop, rap, jazz, academic, electronic or guitar music are interconnected and it’s important to hear and support each other.
Videos from ‘IMI.Conference 2021’

‘IMI.Conference 2022’
The online conference included three streams packed with interviews, discussions and public talks. Among the participants were Ivan Dorn, Karina Istomina, Denis Kukoyaka, Loqiemean, and other music industry experts.
Videos from ‘IMI.Conference 2022’
‘The Circle of IMI’ Networking
Regular cost-free lectures by the experts, public interviews with the music industry professionals and acquaintanceship.
Special Projects
Special projects dedicated to IMI events or created in order to support Russian musicians.
‘Bad Influence’
A podcast on narratives and implications of post-Soviet pop music. The podcast hosts are IMI advisor Alexander Gorbachev and music journalist Andrey Kling.
Two-week program musicians who got an opportunity to receive knowledge from experienced mentors, improve self-confidence, and find collaboration. The ‘IMI.Residence’ compilation was covered by ‘Afisha’, ‘The Village’ and ‘Knife’ media. The compilation was showcased in Apple Music, Yandex Music and VK Music. The project participants performed on the ‘IMI.New Music‘ stage at the ‘Afisha Picnic‘ festival. Introvera and Cosmodelica bands have also released their music videos and EPs.
‘IMI.New Music’ Stage
In 2019 IMI made its own stage for independent musicians at the ‘Afisha Picnic‘ festival. Thanks to it, promising young musicians got the chance to take the next step in their careers and perform at one of the largest festivals of Russia. Both graduates of the ‘IMI.Residence’ and 6 groups selected by the curators performed on stage.
‘Without Leaving Home’
The project was created during the quarantine in order to support groups who had their concerts cancelled. We offered the musicians the opportunity to make a track in their bedroom studios or send us an unreleased song. Each artist received a grant from IMI to create the track. Streaming profits were also transferred to the project participants.
Victoria Podgornaya
Victoria Podgornaya
Zoya Khantaeva
Zoya Khantaeva