Я музыкант.
Что делать?

Institutе of Music Initiatives (IMI) is an independent nonprofit organization. Our priority is to foster the development of the music industry in Russia. We organize our work alongside the following initiatives:

IMI.Journal is an online magazine covering the music industry in Russia.

IMI.Research and Publishing focuses on providing in-depth research on how music industry operates as well as translating existing profound researches and books into Russian.

IMI.Residence was a two-week programme for musicians which took place in July 2019. We’ve designed an environment where artists can create music, gain knowledge, share experiences and boost self-confidence. It was a space made for creativity, where one can live, play, and perform. The musicians were guided by experienced mentors, professional musicians, producers, and sound engineers.

IMI.Scene is an IMI offsite initiative whose goal is to establish links between industry representatives from different cities. We want to understand how the participants of local scenes live, as well as introduce them to experts who will share their experience with the local music community and visit IMI showcase.

Please contact us at: hi@i-m-i.ru

Past events

IMI.Scene Samara
IMI.Scene Kazan
Workshop: "I’m a musician. What should I do?"