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Features of VK’s work with licensed music

The VK music platform, like all other streaming services with licensed music, receives releases directly from publishing labels and aggregator platforms, which, in turn, provide content delivery services to independent musicians and those labels who want to focus on working with music and not go into technical difficulties. Thus, the standard delivery chain of licensed releases to the sites may look like this: Musician → Label/Aggregator → Streaming service.

What are the advantages of placing licensed music on VK

  • Monetization of listening to your music, including the copies uploaded by users;
  • Covers on tracks;
  • Your albums will appear in the search, and you will also have a musician card with all your tracks and releases in which you participated;
  • When releasing new music pieces, you will be able to use all the features provided for their design. For example, add extra information to the track name (prod. by, remix, etc.), specify feat. performers and assign focus tracks.
  • Your tracks can get into Recommendations and to the service showcase;
  • The opportunity to get into the VKontakte Chart;
  • Placement of releases in the VK Music app;
  • The chance to add your songs to the services of Stories and Clips.