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What is the VK advertising account?

Almost 100 million people visit VK monthly. VK targeted advertising is a tool that allows you to choose the audience of your ad. 

Setting up targeted advertising begins in the VKontakte advertising account. You can add the Advertising item to the left menu of your VK profile to always have the advertising cabinet at hand. 

The advertising cabinet consists of five main sections:

  1. Campaigns: a list of advertising campaigns and ads within them is displayed here. It is the main working interface. You can perform any actions related to the creation and management of advertising here.
  2. Budget: you can add funds to the advertising cabinet and see the history of all operations in it.
  3. Statistics: the statistics of advertisements are uploaded in Excel tables, CSV or the web interface.
  4. Retargeting: audiences and pixels are created here, similar audiences are searched and created.
  5. Settings: admins and cabinet supervisors are assigned and deleted here, email or SMS notifications are configured.